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Arsenal vs Aston Villa - FA CUP FINAL 2015 Tickets For Sale

Saturday, May 30, 2015 5:30 PM

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

London HA9 0WS

Homeground of England

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FA Cup Final Tickets

Considered to be one of the oldest football tournaments in the U.K., the Football Association Challenge Cup has stood as a longstanding tradition among football teams and fans. The knockout system used in this tournament has kept fans on the edge of their seats since 1871. It is for these reasons that FA Cup Final Tickets are hard to find and expensive to buy. Read on to find out what has kept this tradition alive and well.

Standing the test of time with over a century of exciting matches and unexpected upsets and turnarounds, the FA Cup holds the title of Europe's longest-running competition as well as one of the most prestigious cups in the world. Many fans have come to love this fast-paced tournament and have clamoured for FA Cup Final Tickets. With so many things to look forward to, it's not surprising that it's stayed on for so long.

Diverse Participants

Unlike the Champions League and other premiere leagues that host the biggest names and teams in the industry, the FA Cup caters to lower league teams that want to build their reputation before playing in the big leagues.

Every year, dozens upon dozens of football clubs all across Europe pit their skills and talents against each other for shot at taking home the coveted FA Cup. Big names and small names clash in exciting matches that bring about a lot of variety in gameplay as well as strategy that keep fans and spectators nipping at the bud for the next game. From Manchester United to smaller localities such as Needham market and Lowestoft town, it can be considered as anybody's game.

Fierce Knock-Out System

One of the things that make this tournament so exciting is its knockout system. In athletic competitions, a knockout system is also known as "sudden death" wherein players are immediately removed from the competition after losing one game. That means each team, no matter how big or small, only has one shot at the cup. Once they lose, they'll have to wait until next year.

fa cup final ticketsThat means an equal playing field for everyone and each game a team plays might be its last. Fans cheer on their teams during games in hopes that their team will make it to the next round to play another day. Teams that lose go home with high hopes that their chances will improve next year.

In that sense, it doesn't matter what league you play. Whether you're Arsenal or Manchester United or Manchester City, you only have one shot at glory. And it is every team's intent to make the most of that shot. This breathes life into a very aggressive, do-or-die approach to the games. Fans can always expect 110% of each player as they know that this one game could send them home.

This system has also given birth to small teams becoming "giant-killers" or teams that have managed to knock out premier league players early in the tournament. Since the chances of a lower league team playing against a seasons premier team are reasonably high, fans can expect many upsets and eliminations that no one would have seen coming. Everyone has to bring their A-Game at all time when playing for the FA cup.

This means higher emotions, bigger stakes, tons more excitement and a lot of amazing plays that are sure to keep every football fan biting their fingernails in anticipation. What will happen next?

The Draw System

Another thing that keeps things exciting (as if they already weren't exciting enough) is the draw system. This is a randomized lottery system and adds an element of surprise to the tournament. You'll never know who's going against who in the next bout.

Not only does this add a nice surprise to the games, it has also given birth to some of the most-watched and most-participated rivalries in the history of the sport. Who hasn't heard of the legendary show-down between Manchester United and Manchester City? How about the match between Liverpool versus Everton? What about Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur?

Because of the draw and knockout system, the only way to ensure that two teams meet in the FA cup is at the championship game, where both teams have overcome all of the other competitors to face their nemesis on the field for a final bout to determine just who has the better team. Fans dream for their day that their team hails victorious against their rivals, going home with both the cup and the satisfaction of winning against a worthy adversary, making FA Cup Final Tickets a coveted possession.

This means fans cheer on their teams through each game, hoping that they advance one more step to a final showdown with their rivals. But then there are also times that the draw system pits rival teams against each other early on in the tournament. This serves as a big treat for the fans who want to see some intense competition early on (if the intensity of the tournament itself wasn't enough to begin with).

What  Is At Stake For The Teams?

Besides the pride of conquering the competition, the winning team will be awarded a customized trophy that is given them at the end of the game at the Wembley Stadium. This stadium is considered to be the birthplace of modern day football. Situated in London, England, Wembley has been known to seat almost 90,000 people in one night. This stadium has earned itself the title as the hall of champions that have been tested by the crucible of intense competition brought about by the Football Association Cup.

Whether fans are rooting for their teams or just plain eager to see the next "giant-killer" emerge from the lower leagues, FA Cup Final Tickets sell like hotcakes. This is especially true when a pair of rivals end up meeting each other in the finals. FA Cup tickets could cost over five hundred pounds per seat. Despite the price, the fans are never disappointed and always walk away with amazing memories about the sport they love.