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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 7:45 PM

Emirates Stadium

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Emirates Stadium

Ashburton Grove, Queensland Road, London, London, N7 7AJ, United Kingdom

Homeground of Arsenal

Event Description

Arsenal and Sunderland are two great clubs from England that both play in the prestigious Premier League. As they are about to face each other, a little history of the two teams can give insights as to how far these two clubs have come to qualify in professional English football.

Arsenal, or the Gunners as known by the fans, is a popular English football club based in Holloway, London. Their original ground was in Woolwich which made the Gunners miss out on several plays due to geographical advantage. But after the move, Arsenal''s star shined brighter as they gained 2nd Division status around the late 18th century and didn''t take long to achieve 1st Division in early 19th century. They are famously known for the Cup Double win seen in 1990 to 2000; won two further League titles and FA Cup Doubles. Arsenal is the first club to reach the finals at the UEFA Champions League.

Through the 19th century, Arsenal has shown impressive records winning the league title twice in 1923 to 1925 before switching management. Under the new manager, the club continued to flourish by winning the FA Cup Final in 1930 and two more league championships in 1930 to 1933.

Sutherland as a football club has quite unique story about its origin. It was started in North East Sunderland not by a professional football manager or tycoon, but by a school master. Nonetheless, this club has shone through the centuries, with an impressive six 1st Division wins, which comes second to its opponent Arsenal. This doesn''t deter the story of their glory; they are one of the few clubs to win a league title a season after joining. Sunderland is a club that has amassed team strength as its formation is lined up with quite talented players. They were even voted as a 'Team of All Talents'' in the beginning of the 19th century.

arsenal everton ticketsThey have lost the title a couple times, but lose with runner''s up pride and always make a comeback win in the following season. A good example is the 1894-95 win when they closed with 5 points more, placing them first against Everton. In the same period, Sunderland participated in the Scottish League where they defeated the local team, Heart of Midlothian, and were crowed 'Champions of the World'  - further proving their prowess. Sunderland is one of the few clubs in English Football history to score 100 goals in a season. Their highest ever leagues win was in 1908 when they won 9-1 with two of their team players each scoring hat-tricks.

From their history, both clubs show prowess and agility in the football pitch. An Arsenal vs. Sunderland game is bound to be heated up enough to keep fans on the edge of their seats, as we see who wins at the end.