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Saturday, September 22, 2018 15:00



Anfield Road, Central, Liverpool, L4 OTH, United Kingdom

Homeground of Liverpool

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Event Description
The great match between Liverpool and Southampton is well on its way, and as usual the predictions from all over Europe are coming in. As the D-Day approaches, we can have a look at the history of these two football teams; see how each has fared through the years, and how much each stands to win playing the game given its track record.


For Liverpool, it's been a century of outstanding performances since the club officially joined the premium league in 1893. It wasn't long before "The Reds" started shining with their first potential realised in 1914, when they made it to the FA finals. Though they didn't win the FA finals, Liverpool continued to show their prowess by shining in the League Championships for both 1922 and 1925.

Once more, they never took the FA cup in the 1950s which prompted the club to start restructuring its managerial board. In their history as a club, Liverpool has scooped over 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA caps and 3 UEFA Super Cups. Between the 1970 and 1980, the club became a force to reckon with after scooping over 11 League titles. Sadly for the club, the FA Cup has always been an elusive one. Nonetheless, Liverpool now stands as the 9th highest earning football club and the 8th most valuable football club in the world.


Southampton FC, or The Saints, happens to be the oldest club of the two. It was founded in 1885 and has since shown an impressive track record and even reigned superior in First Division for some years. Southampton started eyeing the FA cup as early as 1925 through to 1927 when they always made it to semi-finals. It wasn't long before they achieved 2nd Division status in 1960 and soon rose to 1st Division in 1966.

Chelsea Arsenal Football TicketwSouthampton shone in Division One for 8years, which saw them qualify for the prestigious Inter-cities Cup in 1969 and the UEFA cup in 1971 through to 72. Their highest ever club ranking in the League was from 1983 to 84 when they finished 2nd place in Division One. But to set the record straight, Southampton became one of the elite football club in the 70s to win the FA Finals, by taking the prestigious FA Cup in 1976. Southampton has had their fare share of lows, by relegation in ranking, especially from the 3-Down system introduced in later years. As of 2014, Southampton has worked hard to increase their net-worth by making high profile sales of players Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallan and Luke Shaw. The club has also been kind to Liverpool by selling them three of their players Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert and Lovren.

Even with Liverpool winning appearances to the elite UEFA and FA cups severally, Southampton can boast of having taken the FA Cup once in their lifetime. Years of impressive accolades and management improvement reign on both sides thus a highs-stake prediction of the upcoming match is warranted.