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Saturday, April 23, 2022 13:00


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Liverpool Vs Everton Tickets 2016

Liverpool Football Club

There is nothing quite as exciting as watching a match between two talented football clubs. When you go to a game, you want nail biting action and the possibility that anyone can win. Two contenders for that exciting game are Liverpool and Everton. Knowing a little more about the teams before you go to the match can make it that much more exciting.
The Liverpool Football Club is based in Liverpool, Merseyside, England. They have a team anthem, "You'll Never Walk Alone." They've been a club since 1892 and joined the league in 1893. Since they were established, they've played at Anfield. The football stadium has a seating capacity of over fifty thousand. They have many accolades including five European cups, eighteen League titles, and eight League cups among others.

In the years 2014 and 2015, Liverpool was the ninth highest earning club in the world. They started to really make their mark in the 70s and 80s when Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley helped them get eleven League titles. They were crowned European champion for the fifth time in 2005 when they beat Milan after being down for half the game.

Some of their greatest rivalries include Manchester United and Everton. Unfortunately, the Liverpool Football Club has been touched by tragedy a couple of times in their long careers. In 1985 fans were pressed into a collapsing wall at Heysel Stadium. The incident killed thirty-nine people. Once this happened English clubs were banned from European competition for five years. In 1989, ninety-six fans died when they were crushed against the fence around the perimeter. Despite these horrible events, the team has persevered.

Everton Football Club

Everton Football Club is also in Liverpool, England. In 1878, they were formed and joined the league in 1888. The football club was founded at St. Domingo's for the purpose of the parish of their Methodist Church having the option to play a different sport when they weren't playing cricket in the summer. They were changed to the Everton Football Club from the Church Club because people outside of the parish wanted to play. When the first game was played as the EFC, the players carried the goalposts and marked out the lines. There is no record of the men that played only that they won six to nothing. Everton won its first cup in 1884 and the trophy was given to then Club President John Houlding. They have won the league championship nine times and have stayed in the top division for one hundred and fourteen seasons. The Everton team was also affected by the tragedy that happened to Liverpool in 1985 and were banned from the European competition along with Liverpool. They didn't let it keep them down and eventually got back to competing and winning games.

The fans of Everton are called Evertonians. Their biggest rivalry is with Liverpool and they used to play at Anfield until there was an issue with their rent. Now they play at Goodison Park.

Their colours are white shorts and royal blue shirts. Their crest features Prince Rupert's Tower, which is located in Everton. and features laurels because they are a sign of winners. The motto accompanying it means,"nothing but the best is good enough." Some of the nicknames for Everton include The Blues and Dogs of War. They've also been called the Toffees which the origin of which has a couple of different explanations. One is the business in Everton called Mother Noblett's was a toffee shop that sold the Everton mint among other sweets. A girl will walk the perimeter of the pitch before the beginning of each game tossing the crowd Everton mints. That is the most popular story while another circulates around a Toffee House in Village Street, Everton where the club met in the beginning. Whatever they call them their fans have remained fiercely loyal and take their football very seriously.

Both teams have a rich history and come to play. When they face-off, it's sure to be a very exciting match as it always is. Since they both come from the same area, they have a great deal of respect for each other, but they don't hold anything back when they meet in the heat of battle.