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Tuesday, December 26, 2017 17:30


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Anfield Road, Central, Liverpool, L4 OTH, United Kingdom

Homeground of Liverpool

Event Description
Liverpool Football Club are in somewhat of a transition period in the 2015/16 season. They have just lost their prolific and iconic captain Steven Gerrard who has gone to the United States of America in the twilight of his career. His presence and leadership is sure to be missed in the upcoming season, despite the fact they went close to winning the title two years ago, that is not a realistic target for them this season. When playing Swansea city, they will be looking to get the ball out to their wide men and use the explosive pace they have in the squad to really get behind the Swansea city defence. The loss of Raheem Sterling will however mean that the exciting football they have played in recent years may not have the same flair and high tempo.

Liverpool are one of England's most successful teams, winning more European cups than anybody else and only just falling short of the amount of league titles to Manchester United while Swansea City are not traditionally one of the bigger teams in the British premier league. The Welsh side do play some extraordinary football under their young manager Gary Monk and did finish eighth in the league last season. Although, they have not made any huge signings, most notable was Gomis from Lyon, they did not lose any of their star players either. Swansea also look to play in a similar manner to Liverpool, so when the two teams meet, the expected style of match is one that is fast paced, full of action and end to end drama, with plenty of goals.

Liverpool Swansea City TicketwFrom a neutral point of view, Swansea should not be intimidated by the fact that Liverpool are traditionally the favourites as they are a much bigger club and finished higher than them in the league. If Swansea play well and Liverpool also play well, the game will definitely be exciting to watch and there are sure to be goals in abundance. Whilst most pundits would naturally tip Liverpool in a game like this, Swansea could surprise them if only they play like they do week in week out and bring their A game to the fore.