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Saturday, October 16, 2021 15:00

King Power Stadium

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King Power Stadium

East Midlands, Leicester, N/A, United Kingdom

Homeground of Leicester City

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Leicester City Vs Manchester United Tickets

Leicester City Vs. Manchester United 2 - 2

What a battle this match was! Manchester United were looking to have the three points, but despite Mata's best efforts, Leicester had snatched a tie from the jaws of defeat at home in the very last seconds of the match.

In the lead-up to the match, Manchester United fans were excited, as this was the return of Pogba, after a 3-match ban for stomping on Hector Bellerin. Whilst for Leicester City fans, after seeing how the team fell apart after Ndidi's sending off in the previous match against Crystal Palace, they'll feel safe with the midfielder on the starting 11 again.

At the start of the match, it all looked to be going in United's favour. In the 2nd minute, Mata crossed over to Smalling, who gave it a header, but it sailed just above the post. Then Lingard and a returning Pogba each had a go, testing Schmeichel very well, but as always, the great Dane rose up to the occasion to block both tries.

However, after those first few tries, something switched in United, and they started to look like they found it difficult moving forward. That's when Leicester countered in their typical fashion. Vardy waiting on the edge of his own box for a misplaced clearance pounced on one, creating a set-piece that allowed him to hammer the ball in and bring Leicester up a goal in the 27th minute.

Seeing the goal concession seemed to light a fire underneath United. Suddenly they started attacking again in the remainder of the first half. It was 5 minutes before the break that they equalized. Lingard, passing it over to Mata gave him the opportunity to touch it off on the left-foot, sailing past Schmeichel into the bottom corner.

After the break, the fight was back on in full force. Fuchs gave the goal a good go with a cross from Mahrez, but it was stopped by Lindelof being in a fantastic position to block the goal. Then it came time for Amartey to play in his first match since the opening day of the season, when he wasn't seen again since. This was due to Simpson being the victim of a very hard knock after a tackle from Albrighton, the recipient of a yellow card.

It was in the 60th minute the United team put a smile on Mourinho's face with another belter from Mata. After earning a free-kick from Martial, he played a very delicate ball that sailed just over the wall and into the near corner, far from the hands of Schmeichel who had to stick to the far post.

After this, the second half was filled with a few more great moments, such as Lingard missing an open goal and hitting the bottom of the left post, Puel's face as Amartey is sent off for kicking Rashford while he was in the air, Schmeichel almost costing Leicester a penalty after a reckless dive onto the ball against Marcus Rashford and finally, another penalty that should have been given when Smalling clambered all over Maguire in the box.

After this, Leicester went for broke, counter-attacking and being aggressive on the ball whenever possible. Trying to keep up with this, may be part of the reason that Smalling pulled his groin muscle and started limping all over the field, however, with United having made all their subs, he had no choice but to play til the end, which meant he was there to see his team to despair in the 93rd minute.

After a cross from Albrighton to Maguire, De Gea decide not to pursue it as he likely thought Smalling could intercept, however, with his movement limited due to his injury, couldn't do anything about it. Which meant Maguire was one on one with the keeper, and pushed it in cleanly through a very small angle, causing United to lose out on the three points at the very last minute.