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Saturday, February 10, 2024 15:00


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Event Description

Are You Ready for the Liverpool Vs Burnley Match in March?

Are you a football fan? Of course, you are! Guess what - the next Liverpool Vs. Burnley match is scheduled for Sunday, March 12, 2017 at Anfield. If you're a football fan, you already know this. Mind letting us know which club you support? Liverpool or Burnley? Loyalty certainly counts for a lot and you can stick to your chosen club, but you can support both teams and still be a great fan! We'll tell you everything there is to know about both clubs, and you can make up your mind.

The Liverpool Vs Burnley Match

This will be the match of the year, with two premier league teams battling it out for the cup! If you're looking forward to this Liverpool vs. Burnley encounter, get into the tickets rush early on and book 100 percent genuine, guaranteed tickets to the best match of the year! Both teams are Premium League members and managed and captained by excellent men with proven credentials.

All You Need To Know About The Burnley Football Club

Burnley is a pretty little town in Lancashire, surrounded by mystical moors and craggy hills. This outstandingly beautiful, historic little town makes you feel like taking a walk in the past. Needless to say, Burnley has something more to boast about than its lovely naturescapes and its waterways. There's the Burnley Football Club, as well! So don't forget to check out the famous Burnley team when you're done with your sailing and windsurfing activities in Burnley's reservoirs.

Burnley is credited with many great wins over the past century and half. Check this out:

** The Football League Champions cup in 1920-21 and 1959-60
** The FA Cup in 1914
** The Community Shield in 1960 and 1973

Claret and Blue

Burnley Football Club's colours of claret and blue stand out in the stadium during any match. It's hard to miss any of the players, even among a rowdy crowd. These colours have been in play since 1910. The colourful club is one of just three English football teams to have won all top four professional divisions of English football.

Burnley's mascot is Bertie Bee, who has also appeared on a BBC Television sports-based show called "They Think It's All Over". Burnley has some famous supporters, such as the Prince of Wales. The Prince visits Burnley regularly and watches matches whenever he gets the chance. Burnley also has supporters in Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell.

Promotion to Premier League

Burnley, after a long and glorious career spanning more than a century, was finally included in the Premier Football League on 21 April 2014. Sean Dyche, Burnley manager, is known for his excellent team management and training.

All You Need To Know About The Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool fc is as accomplished as Burnley. Also a Premier League football club, Liverpool is the proud winner of the following:

** 5 European Cups
** 3 UEFA Cups
** 18 League titles
** 3 UEFA Super Cups
** 8 League Cups (a fabulous record!)
** 7 FA Cups
** 15 FA Community Shields

A Century Plus of Excellence

Liverpool Football Club has been in play since 1892, and has played against Burnley at Anfield ever since the beginning. During the 1970s and 1980s, Liverpool proved itself to be a major player in European and English football. Liverpool became European champions for the fifth time in 2005, winning the UEFA Champions League under the able management of Rafa Benitez. Between 2014-15, Liverpool's revenue touched 391 million Euros. The club was listed as the world's ninth highest-earning football club.

Liverpool's Home Colours

It would seem that the Liverpool teams have always been decked in red, but history has a different story to tell. Until 1894, the teams wore blue and white quartered shirts. The city's colour is red, though, and so the colour red was adopted in 1901, along with the liver bird as the club's badge. The current uniform is all red strips, outfitted by New Balance.