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Liverpool vs Chelsea Tickets For Sale

Saturday, April 13, 2019 15:00


Liverpool vs Chelsea Ticket Availability

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Section : Away End

Seatrow : Chelsea Fans

4 £215 View Tickets

Section : Main stand Upper

Seatrow : 0

20 £250 View Tickets

Section : Kop Stand

Seatrow : 0

20 £250 View Tickets

Section : Anfield Road

Seatrow : 0

20 £250 View Tickets

Section : Main Stand Lower

Seatrow : 0

20 £300 View Tickets

Section : Kenny Dalglish Stand

Seatrow : 0

20 £300 View Tickets

Section : KOP

Seatrow : 45

3 £300 View Tickets

Section : Cat 2

Seatrow : Anfield Road End

2 £305 View Tickets

Section : Cat 1

Seatrow : Longside Uppers

2 £335 View Tickets

Section : Cat 1 Lowers

Seatrow : Longside Lowers

2 £380 View Tickets

Section : Kop

Seatrow : Best Atmosphere

2 £380 View Tickets


Anfield Road, Central, Liverpool, L4 OTH, United Kingdom

Homeground of Liverpool

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